Mike Powell Tribute

Mike Powell was born on Jan. 7, 1967. When he was growing up he would go to Midvale Speedway
with a note pad, writing down and memorizing all the drivers. He took a special liking to Brad and
Mark Malcuit and also Bill Bitticker who he cheered on to many victories. Mike loved playing with
his Matchbox cars, one day dreaming of being a race car driver. He would help his Grandfather
work on his race cars in Zoarville, OH after graduating from Tusky Valley High School in 1985.
Mike found a love for auto mechanics where he studied at Buckeye Career Center. Mike worked as
an auto mechanic for various places, including Jim Zifer, Walmart, Parkway and Twin City Motors.
When Twin City Motors went out of business, he bought it and renamed it Roundhouse Auto Tech
and owned it for 4 years. He also worked for Allied Machine until he got sick. Mike was also a huge
NASCAR fan, recording all the Cup, Busch (now the Nationwide Series) and Truck Series Races,
his mom tells me that she has totes full of VHS tapes with the races Mike would watch. Mike would
try to attend at least one NASCAR race per season, making various trips to Charlotte, Mansfield for
the Truck Race and his favorite track, Martinsville to cheer on his favorite driver, Bobby Labonte. 
During his time as a mechanic, he started racing at Midvale Speedway during the 1988 season. Mike
craved a car with more speed, so he quickly moved up into the Pure Stock Class where he stayed
for the rest of his driving career, winning many races, including the 2000 Pure Stock Championship.
His mom Shirley was his biggest fan and also occasionally served as his gopher. If Mike and his
crew needed a part for the race car, he would call ahead to the various part stores and mom would
be off to fetch the parts and bring them to the garage or race track. In 2008, Mike decided to try his
hand at dirt racing right here at 250 Speedway, where he fell in love all over again. He last raced in
2009 after he got sick and had Tory Gibbs drive the #71 Machine to the 2010 Pure Stock Season
Championship that year. In 2011, he called on his friend Rich Schweitzer, the 2009 Pure Stock
Champion, to defend their title. Sadly, Mike lost his battle last November 16, leaving behind his
mother Shirley, family and many friends and competitors.
Tonight, we honor Mike Powell, the 2010 Pure Stock Championship Car Owner #71, we know that
Mike surely found Godís race track in heaven. Please stand and join in a moment of silence for the
late Mike Powell.